Wednesday, June 24, 2009

patience, patience

Well the good news is that I've been able to be consistent in working out. The runs are getting easier and I actually look forward to them. Today the 30 minutes on the stationary bike was doable, if not boring as hell. God awful boring. Did I mention dull? The cute little virtual bike tour of Washington State did nothing to convince me that I was enjoying a trip through Seattle.

I drink tons of water and think I've been eating very well but the weight just stays the same, up or down a pound. I've been doing this my whole life and I know all about water weight, muscle mass, blah blah blah focus more on the level of fitness but dammit the numbers will always mean something to me. I got a little lazy about counting calories, guess it's time to get out the old food scale again. Where is my magic wand???

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  1. This was my 42nd birthday. Oh, and I almost never know what I weigh. (Please don't punch me!) I don't own a scale nor do I care about the numbers. The only time I do know what I weigh is when I'm standing in the doctor's office. But by the time the elevator hits the bottom floor, I've forgotten already. I did ask the last time I was there and she told me that my weight hasn't varied outside of a five pound range in the last three years. She also said it was a healthy weight. That's all that matters to me.