Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who invented the swim cap anyway?


Task: 1250 yards in the pool, some speed work

Logistics: Kid to neighbors before school. I tried to book a session with my trainer and the lap swim for the same morning, thinking I could knock them both out in an hour. Thank goodness the trainer didn't show, the swim took me a good 40 minutes!

If you've been slacking on a routine and then feel like you can't start up because you'll be far behind, I have good news for you. It really only took two times back in the pool before I was back up to where I left off, in fact, because I'm now adding speed drills to my regular, boring back and forth across the pool, I am actually stronger than where I left off.

I still hate the whole process of changing, swimming, showering, changing back. I wonder if I could skinny-dip at the gym?

Also, if anyone knows how you're supposed to put on a swim cap without pulling out all of your hair, please let me know. I would like to formally apologize now to all the young men I forced to put on condoms in my youth. Getting that tiny little cap of rubber onto my dry hair is enough to make me insane. And after it's all done, and I look like a little pencil eraser in the water, my hair still gets wet anyway!!!


  1. OK...

    1) A swim cap will not keep your hair dry...don't expect it to. The top MAY be dry when you get out of the pool but don't think you can get away with a dry head.

    2) Wet the swim cap. Dunk it in the pool and make sure the inside is wet. Do NOT try to put a dry swim cap on dry will hurt.

    3) Push your hair back as if you were going to put it into a pony tail...I know you have short hair but I am just trying to give a visual.

    4) Start in the front and work your way the front of the swim cap onto your pull the thing over the rest of your head. Go over and back.

    5) Tuck your hair into the cap starting from the sides...push the hair in and back.

    6) Take the hair in the back and kind of twist it sideways and into the back of the cap.

    Put your goggles on and go swim :-)

    Hope this helps a little...I can give you better tips in person but since you said you were desperate...

  2. OH!!! Wet the cap first! Thanks, that helps tons. Is it supposed to cover my ears too?